Lots of academics, organisations, startups, established companies and other individuals are involved in making the Innovation Booster – Sport & Physical Activity and the different challenges a success.
Meet some of them on this page and listen what they have to say.

A warm thank you to all of them for their dedication and smart inputs!

Les ateliers de design thinking ont été particulièrement efficaces pour l’émergence de nouvelles idées

I had the chance to be invited for a session of the NTN IB about “Concussions in sports with helmets”. That was just the start of my main goal for the next years: bring culture and awareness of this reality in Motorsport.
It’s now time to act and I’ve met there the right people, able to help me finding solutions and pushing it on the field. Thank you ThinkSport for this fantastic initiative.


Edouard Boulanger · Innovation Partner @ Nyali Swiss & Professional Co-driver @ Audi Sport

Participating to the NTN Innovation Booster was a great experience. Bringing all stakeholders around the table for a full day allowed us to exchange and initiate new and innovative projects that will hopefully be showcased in the upcoming years in our events.

Joris Vautier · General Manager @ Freeride World Tour

La rencontre de différents acteurs et intervenants est primordiale lors de l’étude d’un projet. Cette phase doit être organisée en amont pour permettre de mieux comprendre les attentes et besoins de chacun.e tout en mettant en exergue les différentes problématiques. 

Fabio Jimenez · CEO @ ABF Swiss Agency & Concepteur @ Urban Skate

ThinkSport was able to bring together relevant people around our topic. As the topic leader we were able to actively participate in the organisation and moderation of the ideation workshops.There were two interesting testing scenarios that resulted from the ideation workshop and I am glad that we can move forward with these.

Martin Rumo · Lecturer @ Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Les ateliers de design thinking ont été particulièrement efficaces pour l’émergence de nouvelles idées et cela a été pour moi un plaisir d’y participer ; d’autant que le projet Swiss Recovery Center me tient particulièrement à cœur. Je me réjouis en outre de poursuivre cette aventure avec Yves. 

Rémy Tzaud · CEO @ Softcom Technologies SA