The Swiss Recovery Center is a physical activity centre which serves people with neuromotor impairments. The centre uses a method called “Suivi Post-Réhabilitation”, short SPRALT, which aims to improve the physical recovery, health and well-being of its patients by providing customised and regular physical activity programmes.

Despite the fact that the programme’s benefits are physically and psychologically perceived by the patients, only very few studies have been conducted so far to demonstrate the advantages of this type of treatment. A large-scale study is to be launched in Switzerland in 2022, however the results will not be available until 2023 or even later. As a result, the treatment is currently not reimbursed by insurance companies. As the centre’s operating costs remain high, this situation threatens its sustainability. Whilst the centre was able to survive thanks to donations until 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the weaknesses of this financial model. In December 2020, due to a lack of donations, the center was forced to close.

In order to address this development, the first step will be to redesign the centre’s services in order to attract more and new users. In a  second step, it will be important to find a suitable business model.



Based on these observations, two questions were raised and needed to be answered:

  • How can we redesign the services provided by the Swiss Recovery Center in order to attract more users ?
  • How do reshape its business model, broaden the revenue streams and thereby reduce the dependence on donations?


Theme Leader
SRC (Swiss Recovery Center)

Test phase results

The test phase is still ongoing. One person has been recruited as coordinator. A landing page is being developed as well as a survey to test the attractiveness of the Inno-Inclusive centre. In January 2023, a study will also be launched.